Texas Veteran's Ranch and Family Resort (TVRAFR, Inc.) is a nonprofit organization that serves military veterans and their families. Our vision is to create a place where God, country, and family can be found and appreciated; a place that promotes mental healing, family bonding, and spiritual rejuvenation.


Texas Veteran’s Ranch and Family Resort Inc. (TVRAFR) was created to support our veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), military separation, and other stress related conditions. Our focus is on relieving the stress factors associated with PTSD, military separation, and other stress related complaints, giving Veterans and their families the opportunity to create a roadmap for success. Our organization is comprised of veterans and civilians dedicated to the successful transition and reintegration of our service members.

We believe that an educated support system is an integral part of the success of our programs, and that starts with an involved family! The family not only offers emotional support, but tangible and informational support as well; they also help give the veteran a sense of belonging. This is essential in developing the coping skills needed for a smoother transition. We believe in forming strong bonds of family unity through education, therapeutic interaction, and counseling.

(844) 433-2036

7901 Cameron Rd #3-368, Austin, TX 78754, USA

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