TVRAFR is currently governed and operated by a board of directors, including founder Alondo Waters, as well as contract therapists and volunteers. In the future, the organization expects to incorporate the following stakeholders:

Board of Directors – TVRAFR intends to increase its current board of directors to include at least seven members. The board will be responsible for shaping the implementation of this vision statement, including major decisions about the purchase of property and initiation of new programs. It will also have primary responsibility for fundraising and resource development, such as cultivating major donors and connecting the organization to funding sources. To set the example, each board member will be expected to contribute at least $500 of their own money annually to the organization.


Executive Director – As funding permits, TVRAFR will hire a full-time executive director to oversee day-to-day operations of the organization, exercise judgment in implementing the board’s management decisions, oversee financial management, manage paid and volunteer staff, and report on the organization’s current status regularly to the board of directors. 


Paid Staff – With the consent of the board and the availability of funding, the executive director will add other paid staff to carry out the functions of the organization. This will likely initially involve staff to handle accounting and administrative functions. As new programs begin, it will include therapists, social workers, property managers, maintenance workers, and other program staff. 

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