Boot Camp

We have seven (7) major programs focused on helping our Veterans and their families.  Click the links below to learn more about all that we offer.

Criminal Rehabilitation Program (CRP)

Unfortunately, some service members struggle with transitioning back to civilian life and face legal issues. Without programs in place to assist their transition from the justice system, they run the risk of recidivism. 

Food, Furniture, and Clothing Assistance

Service members transitioning back sometimes run into financial obstacles that leave them without the basics of life. "Gifting" donations to these service members allows them to focus on family matters and not on the lack of food, furniture, or clothing.

Owning a home is the American dream for most people, yet many service members are unaware of how to obtain it. Educating and guiding our service members through the process can eliminate the stress and anxiety associated with home buying!

Therapeutic Ranch

The vision of the ranch is to educate the family on the symptoms and treatments for PTSD, and then create bonding lessons that will bring the family together. Our goal is to create a strong and educated support system for the veteran and a path of healing for the military family.

Women process trauma differently than men, and their healing requires specialized treatment. TVRAFR and Women United To Support Each Other have joined forces to start the healing process.

One of the biggest issues with transitioning is finding a career that matches the skills of our service members. Creating an easier process, coupled with training and counseling will ensure a successful path to a new career.

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